Pantiles won awards for their strong door policy and superior doorman.

Members have sent story after story from happily married couples of how they met their spouse at Pantiles. Some couples spent their wedding night partying at Pantiles, even without it being their private hire!

We all feel something has been lost over the past 16 to 20 years. There seems to be a lack of quality venues and a lack of quality people enjoying themselves, with safety being a high concern to most.

How to bring back this elite missing quality?

We are proud of the reputation and strength of membership values that Pantiles was renowned for. Memberships were valued. So much so that many of our Life Members still have their original Pantiles Life Membership cards, keeping them 16 years since the club closed in 2007!

Pantiles Bagshot Jump for Joy
Members having fun at Pantiles Bagshot

We are reviving the strict Pantiles Members Only Club Door Policy. 

  • Pantiles Members must be smartly dressed and at all times be courteous and respectful to our staff and their fellow Pantiles Members.
  • New members are approved by the Pantiles Membership Committee and must be referred by an existing Pantiles Life Member.
  • Pantiles Memberships are valuable and can easily be lost through incorrect behaviour with our One Strike Policy. No second chances.

For a limited time you can apply to become a member to our exclusive club for free with our Temporary One Year Pantiles Memberships. 

Fill in the form to apply.


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