Soft Launch December 17th 2022

The road to Pantiles being resurrected is proving to be… interesting to say the least! Full of pot holes and flooding this journey we are on is rather bumpy and we have a way to go before we reach the half way mark.

The fastest turn around in history or so we thought. We signed for the purchase of the “almost turn key business” on December 2nd. Getting the keys on December 5th the renovations began. Full steam ahead as pressure was being put on us (well actually the old owners) by the brewery to open on what had been our choice to begin with (or so we thought) to open for the last Ascot Race meet on December 16 & 17th.

Unknown to us all, the weather would play havoc with everyone’s plans. Freezing cold with icy days and nights, intermitted with sunny moments. Not enough to break the thaw and Ascot race track remained frozen. Almost everywhere blanketed in white snow for days on end. Little did we know this would be topped off with one of longest train strikes in recent history (or so it felt).

We opened on December 17th with our members only soft launch and experienced first hand all the restrictions the previous owners have managed to collect during their time of management and operation.

Here is Zippy and Candice with their 10 doorman (actually they had 11 but the 11th wasn’t visible in any of the photos). This 10 doorman restriction on a Friday and Saturday night from 9pm is just one of these difficulties we are facing to be able to trade. 


Pantiles Soft Launch December 17th 2023 with 10 x security


In time we can reduce these restriction with variations proposed to the council after being approved by the police.

These are the worst of the restrictions and we kindly ask our members to be patient with us whist we jump through the hoops to get them reduced and eventually removed!

  • 10 x security wearing high viz, body cams and radios from 9pm on a Friday and Saturday night.
  • ID Scanning of ALL patrons who purchase alcohol no matter their age or time of day.

As we are a members club we will be issuing our members with their new membership cards soon! ID controlled membership cards with bar codes linked up to our Patron Scanner. Members must bring their ID when collecting their new membership card, so their details can be correctly added into the scanner. Resulting (after this Patron Scanner Membership system is approved by the police) in members only needing to bring their membership card to enter without the need to keep bringing their ID.

Keep your fingers crossed we get our membership card idea approved as well as adjusting the attire of the 10 x security, allowing them to become our doorman rather than bomber jacket high viz security guards – that look like they should be security for a trouble pending festival, not an elite members club!

Anyway… as you can see below. With the right crowd we will be able to reduce the need for all these restrictions to our license and once we know how the pending review is on January 23rd, we will be able to start making moves to reduce with variations. 


Dancing barefoot at Pantiles Soft Launch December 17th 2023


Even though we had all these issues. A fun evening was had by all our members and their guests. Two ladies felt so comfortable on our newly sanded wooden floor (that previously was a sticky black mess) that they danced barefoot for hours!

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