Pantiles Saves The License

Pantiles Saves The License
Philip Hayward and Candice Curtis at York House Windsor saving the license on January 23rd 2023

Pantiles saves the license? How? Why? We hear you ask.

This morning we went to York House in Windsor to prevent the license from being revoked from the passed owners indiscretions.

An adjournment was our goal and an adjournment was achieved! Concluding with smiles all around, congratulations and well wishing handshakes (after the hearing) from all involved.

We are delighted and these long few weeks have been hard but the tunnel light is finally starting to shine.

Relieved and grateful for the support the brewery, the council and the police have already shown us, we look forward to opening soon and to welcoming them inside the Pantiles Ascot venue. Hopefully they’ll even join us for a pint or glass of Prosecco when they’re off duty!

Watch the hearing below (please note there is a long white screen intro, jump forward in the timeline to find when the hearing actually starts!). We welcome your comments below.

Stay tuned for more information on how everything unfolds over the coming weeks. Join our social media pages for notifications and updates. See our calendar for our February events

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